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David Davis

dob 23rd December 1948
school Bec Grammar, Tooting
university Warwick U,  Molecular Science & Computer Science
work Tate & Lyle
party Tory
constituency Haltemprice and Howden
first elected Jun 1987 †
2017 maj 15,405
2nd, 3rd Lab, LibDem
2015 maj 16,195
2nd, 3rd Lab, UKIP
office(s) Brexit
interests Health, law and order, industry, agriculture
web site  
social media  
Other notes: † Member for Boothferry Jun 1987-May 1997. Member for Haltemprice and Howden May 1997 onwards.
On 12 June 2008, Davis resigned from the Shadow Cabinet and announced his resignation as an MP, in order to force a by-election, and cause a wider debate on the single issue of what he believed to be the erosion of civil liberties. On 18 June 2008, he resigned from the House of Commons. He stood as the Conservative Party candidate for his current seat in the subsequent by-election. He won reelection with 72% of the vote, breaking several voting records in the UK, however, neither the Labour Party nor the Liberal Democrats put up a candidate.
At the time of his resignation the Labour MP Andy Burnham made a speech which was widely interpreted as falsely implying an inappropriate relationship between Davis and the then Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti. Burnham was forced to issue a public apology under threat of legal action. Wikipedia
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Chairman of the Federation of Tory
students aged 24 in 1973