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Douglas Carswell

dob 3rd May 1971
school Charterhouse School
university UEA, history
work Invesco
party Independent (ex-UKIP and ex Tory)
constituency Clacton
first elected May 2005 †, left Apr 2017
2015 maj 3,437
2nd, 3rd Con, Lab
interests Crime and policing, immigration, Britain's independence, education, NHS reform, local government finance reform, decentralisation, direct democracy and localism
web site web
social media twitter, blog.
Other notes: † Conservative member for Harwich 2005-2010. Conservative member for Clacton from 2010 until he defected to UKIP in August 2014, resigned his seat and won the by-election. He successfully defended his seat in 2015.
Douglas Carswell left UKIP to become an independant on 25th March 2017 and does not intend to trigger a by-election.
See also Mark Reckless.

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