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Tony Blair

dob 6th May 1953
school Fettes College
university St John's , Oxford, Jurisprudence
work lawyer
party Labour
constituency [Sedgefield] 1983-2007
web site web
social media twitter
Other notes: Please note, this is not a real photograph, it is a composite. But it is not fake news, it is art. See the BBC link.

The Times reported on 13Nov17, under the heading, David Cameron buys £2m holiday home in Cornwall, "There is already the £3.6 million Notting Hill house, the Oxfordshire retreat and the £25,000 shepherd’s hut. Now David Cameron has decided it is time to expand his property portfolio with a £2 million holiday home in Cornwall. … He will need to focus more on his property portfolio, however, if he is to beat another former prime minister. Three houses and a luxury shed might not seem a bad haul but at the last count Tony Blair and his family owned at least 37 properties."

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