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Tony Benn

dob 3rd April 1925
school Westminster School
university New College, Oxford, PPE
work BBC
party Labour
constituency Bristol South East
first elected 1950 (by-election)
Other notes: died 14th March 2014
† MP for Bristol SE 1950-83,  Chesterfield 1984-2001.
"In 1990 he proposed a "Margaret Thatcher (Global Repeal) Bill", which he said "could go through both Houses in 24 hours. It would be easy to reverse the policies and replace the personalities—the process has begun—but the rotten values that have been propagated from the platform of political power in Britain during the past 10 years will be an infection—a virulent strain of right-wing capitalist thinking which it will take time to overcome." In 1991, with Labour still in opposition and a general election due by June 1992, he proposed the Commonwealth of Britain Bill, abolishing the monarchy in favour of the United Kingdom becoming a "democratic, federal and secular commonwealth", a republic with a written constitution. It was read in Parliament a number of times until his retirement at the 2001 election, but never achieved a second reading." Wikipedia

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