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Liberal Democrats

Their web site. 2017 Manifesto.

In the 2015 election, the LibDems were reduced from 57 to 8 seats, then picked up one more in the Richmond Park by-election (Zac Goldsmith having taken a stand on Heathrow) in December 2016.

In the June 2017, they captured 12 seats:
they kept - Brake, Carmichael, Farrow, Lamb,
they lost - poor old Cleggy, Mulholland, Olney(elected December 2016), Pugh and Williams,
they gained - Cable, Davey, Hobhouse, Jardine, Lloyd, Moran, Stone and Swinson.

A few days later Mia Farrow (aka Tim Farron) resigned as leader and Vince Cable took over. Vince had a reshuffle on 12th October 2017, changes indicated with a .

Member Constituency Portfolio
Tom Brake Carshalton and Wallington 2017 Brexit no change
2015 Foreign Affairs
Vince Cable Twickenham Leader
Alistair Carmichael Orkney and Shetland 2017 Chief Whip, Northern Ireland no change
2015 Home Affairs and general windbaggery
Edward Davey Kingston and Surbiton 2017 Home Office no change
Mia Farrow (aka Tim Farron) Westmorland and Lonsdale 2017 now regenerating the North of England. Sulking
2015 - June 2017 Leader and whinger in chief
Wera Hobhouse Bath 2017 Communities but no longer Refugees
Christine Jardine Edinburgh West 2017 Scotland Sh. Culture
Norman Lamb North Norfolk 2017, 2015 Health
Stephen Lloyd Eastbourne 2017 Work & Pensions no change
Layla Moran Oxford West and Abingdon 2017 Education no change
Jamie Stone Caithness 2017 Armed forces Scotland
Jo Swinson Dunbartonshire East 2017 Deputy leader plus Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
June 2017 Departures
Nick Clegg Sheffield, Hallam 2015 International trade and Brexit Denial
Greg Mulholland Leeds North West surprisingly little
Sarah Olney Richmond Park not there long enough
John Pugh Southport 2015 Education
Mark Williams Ceredigion 2015 Wales

Current details correct as at 15th September 2017.

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