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Thinktanks and advocacy groups

The list is compiled from a Guardian article and a Wikipedia page, links below. The link from the name is to the organisation's web page. The "wiki link" is to its Wikipedia page. The "comments" column is a combination of the Guardian (G), Wikipedia (W) and from the organisation itself. The list contains all of the Guardian entries, supplemented by some of the Wiki entries.

Name & link wiki link founded comments
Adam Smith Institute wiki 1977 Free market advocates, a favouite of Mrs. Thatcher
Bow Group wiki 1951 The oldest Conservative think tank.
Bruegel wiki 2005 "a European think tank that specialises in economics"
Bright Blue wiki 2010  
British Future wiki    
Bruges Group wiki 1989  
Catalyst wiki   Merged with Compass 2006
Centre for European Reform     A critical friend of Europe
Centre for Policy Studies wiki 1974 Thatcher's top favourite
Centre for Social Justice wiki 2004 Founded by IDS to reduce poverty
CentreForum wiki   "alternative entry-point into the political process through ideas and debates" (G) now the Education Policy Institute
Chatham House wiki 1920 International affairs
Civitas wiki 2000 "to deepen public understanding of the legal, institutional and moral framework that makes a free and democratic society possible" (W)
The Cobden Centre wiki   espouses theĀ Austrian School of Economics
Compass wiki 2003  
Demos wiki 1993 "a radical agenda of eye-catching, media-friendly policies" (G)
Education Policy Institute wiki   formerly the CentreForum
Electoral Reform Society wiki 1884 Advocate proportional representation
Fabian Society wiki 1884 Affiliated to the Labour party
Foreign Policy Centre wiki 1998 Studies globalisation
Institute for Public Policy Research wiki 1998 "rose out of the ashes of Labour's 1987 election defeat" (G)
Joseph Rowntree Foundation wiki 1904 "seeks to understand the root causes of social problems, to identify ways of overcoming them" (W)
The Legatum Institute wiki 2007 "understanding, measuring, and explaining the journey from poverty to prosperity for individuals, communities, and nations" (Legatum)
MigrationWatch UK wiki 2001 keeping an eye on migration
National Institute of Economic and Social Research wiki 1938 "Britain's longest established independent economic research institute" (W)
New Economics Foundation wiki 1986 "to improve quality of life by challenging mainstream thinking on economic, environmental and social issues" (G). Grew from TOES, The Other Economic Summit
New Local Government Network wiki 1996 "to revitalise local political leadership and empower local communities" (G)
New Policy Institute wiki 1996 "social and economic issues from a progressive perspective" (W)
Policy Exchange wiki 2002 Small government
Reform wiki 2001 "seeks … a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity" (G)
Resolution Foundation wiki 2005 "to improve the standard of living of low- and middle-income families" (W)
ResPublica wiki 2009 Founded by Phillip Blond "to create bold solutions to enduring social and economic problems" (W)
Selsdon Group wiki 1973 Free markets
Social Market Foundation wiki 1989 "attempts to combine market economics with social justice" (G)
Taxpayers' Alliance wiki 2004 tax cuts and the efficient use of taxes

Guardian, Wikipedia