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Prime Ministers

The main purpose of this site is to list the current MPs, but an exception will be made for prime ministers since 1900, when time allows.

Prime Ministers
The Queen with, from left, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Edward Heath, James Callaghan and John Major in 2002
from the Times 17th June 2017, Terry O'Neil, Press Association

Name Party Dates
May, Theresa Con 2016+
Cameron, David Con 2010-2016
Brown, Gordon Lab 2007-2010
Blair, Tony Lab 1997-2007
Major, John Con 1990-1997
Thatcher, Margaret Con 1979-1990
Callaghan, James Lab 1976-1979
Wilson, Harold Lab 1974-1976
Heath, Edward Con 1970-1974
Douglas-Home, Alec Con 1963-1964
Macmillan, Harold Con 1957-1963
Eden, Anthony Con 1955-1957
Churchill, Winston Con 1951-1955
Attlee, Clem Lab 1945-1951
Chamberlain, Neville Con 1937-1940
Baldwin, Stanley Con 1935-1937
Ramsay MacDonald, James Lab 1929-1935
Bonar Law, Andrew Con 1922-1923
Lloyd George, David Lib 1916-1922
Asquith, Herbert Henry Lib 1908-1916
Campbell-Bannerman, Henry Lib 1905-1908
Balfour, Arthur James Con 1902-1905