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This page will contain selected friends and foes from the politics-related media.

Political journalists operating in Westminster are members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. They must declare their interests and a register is available on

This page didn't get very far in the initial build but a recent (as at August 17) tweet by The People's Champ rating journalists by political stance (and inplicit bias) might help. Click the image to enlarge. It should be noted that the source is on the left and this (as suggested by the length of the columns) imparts a quaint skew to the perception: the ratings should perhaps be viewed as relative rather than absolute.

Readers will recall the Labour Loyalty speadsheet prepared and leaked early in the Corbyn era.

Person Role Person Role
Jo "JoCo" Coburn BBC Daily Politics    
Evan Davis BBC Newsnight    
    Andrew Marr BBC
Atul Hatwal Labour Uncut    
Patrick Kidd Times sketchwriter Andrew Neil BBC
Laura Kuenssberg BBC News political editor    

BBC, Wikipedia.