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Lords second amendment, 7th Mar

The Lords have passed a second amendment to the bill

Insert the following new Clause—
“Parliamentary approval for the outcome of negotiations with the European Union
(1) The Prime Minister may not conclude an agreement with the European Union under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union, on the terms of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, without the approval of both Houses of Parliament.
(2) Such approval shall be required before the European Parliament debates and votes on that agreement.
(3) The prior approval of both Houses of Parliament shall also be required in relation to an agreement on the future relationship of the United Kingdom with the European Union."

The Telegraph reports The the vote was 366 for, 268 against and that there were 13 rebel Tory peers as follows:

Lady Altmann ✔
Lord Bowness ✔
Lord Cormack ✔
Lord Deben (John Gummer)
Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint
Viscount Hailsham (Douglas Hogg) ✔
Lord Heseltine
Lord Higgins
Lord Inglewood
Lady McIntosh of Pickering
Lord Northbrook
Duke of Wellington
Lady Wheatcroft ✔
The five with a tick also rebelled on the first amendment , along with Lord Livingston of Parkhead and Earl Selborne.
Heseltine was sacked from his 5 govt. advisory posts.

Lords 2nd

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