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Lords first amendment, 2nd Mar

The amendment, to insert a new clause between the existing first and second,

"Within three months of exercising the power under subsection (1), Ministers of the Crown must bring forward proposals to ensure that citizens of another European Union or European Economic Area country and their family members, who are legally resident in the United Kingdom on the day on which this Act is passed, continue to be treated in the same way with regards to their EU derived-rights and, in the case of residency, their potential to acquire such rights in the future."

The Telegraph reports,

Here's how the peers voted. There were seven Conservative peers who rebelled, including former pensions minister Baroness Altmann.
Backed the amendment (content):
Labour: 165
Lib Dems: 93
Crossbenchers: 78
Others: 13
Conservatives: 7 (Lady Altmann, Lord Bowness, Lord Cormack, Viscount Hailsham, Lord Livingston of Parkhead, Earl Selborne and Lady Wheatcroft)
Bishops: 2

Voted against the amendment (not content):
Conservatives: 213
Crossbenchers: 30
Others: 10
Bishops: 3