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The Welsh Assembly is described by Wikipedia as, "created by the Government of Wales Act 1998, which followed a referendum in 1997. The Assembly had no powers to initiate primary legislation until limited law-making powers were gained through the Government of Wales Act 2006. Its primary law-making powers were enhanced following a Yes vote in the referendum on 3 March 2011, making it possible for it to legislate without having to consult the UK parliament or the Secretary of State for Wales in the 20 areas that are devolved.
The Assembly comprises 60 members, who are known as Assembly Members, or AMs (Aelod y Cynulliad). Since 2011, Members are elected for five-year terms under an additional members system, where 40 AMs represent geographical constituencies elected by the plurality system, and 20 AMs represent five electoral regions using the d'Hondt method of proportional representation.

The current disposition of seats is:

Party Seats
Labour 29
Plaid Cymru 11
Conservative 12
LibDem 1
Independent 2

The last election was held in May 2016.
Mark Recklessly flipped back to the Tories in April 2017.

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